Decomposing Raphael outfit from 1993 Ninja Turtle film hits the auction block

Last year, Leonardo was on offer Today, it’s Raphael, his dead glass eyes looking bleakly from his rotting latex form. The bidding quote begins at $3,000

This outfit includes a zip-up green turtle bodysuit built of foam latex cast aspects over a Spandex base affixed with dense-foam chest and shell components, leather knee and elbow pads, and a leather sheath for Raphael’s signature sai. The removable head functions foam latex skin with cast resin teeth, urethane eyes, a red material eye mask, internal cushioning, and a zipper closure.

The costume is in vulnerable and fair to bad general condition. It exhibits substantial breakdown to its foam latex components from age and might require remediation to protect it from more wear and tear.

Similar To Leonardo, I have created a good video (embedded above) of this rotting latex fursuit accompanied by the TMNT theme tune, respectfully slowed in solemn remembrance.

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