Disney World Took Legal Action Against By Granny Detained for Having CBD Oil

Disney World Sued
I Was Apprehended for Having CBD Oil …
No Way to Treat Granny!!!

8/5/202010: 35 AM PT.

The grandma who declares she was jailed at Disney World’s Magic Kingdom for having CBD oil in her bag is following through with her threat to sue … for a huge payday.

Civil rights attorney Ben Crump just submitted fit against Disney, the Orlando Cops Department and the Orange County Constable’s Department on behalf of Hester Burkhalter The 69- year-old North Carolina grandma declares she was busted by Mouse House security for bring a bottle of CBD oil.

According to the lawsuit, acquired by TMZ, Hester states she was detained and detained by polices at Disney World in April 2019– although she claims the CBD oil was simply for medical purposes connected to her arthritis, and didn’t consist of THC.

The granny states she was handcuffed in front of her 8 and 10- year-old grandchildren, and states the whole ordeal was traumatizing for the kids.

In the docs, granny says she panicked while being put in the back of a patrol car and started throwing up, however was rejected medical attention and subjected to an unpleasant 15- hour experience. Hester says she was additional embarrassed since police officers supposedly made her strip down at the prison for a cavity search.

Prosecutors did not pursue charges and closed the case versus her– Hester declares cops even checked the CBD oil and found no trace of THC– but she states she’s filing suit due to the fact that she still feels distressed.

In her fit, Hester is alleging attack and battery, false arrest and jail time, libel, psychological distress, and more … and she desires more than $18 million in damages plus extra damages for her hubby and other member of the family.

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