Scientists modified a stress of marijuana to eliminate cancer cells

It’s well-documented that chemical compounds discovered in cannabis, particularly cannabidiol (CBD), are effective at dealing with the signs of numerous types of cancer. Now there’s evidence that it could potentially treat the illness by attacking cancer cells.

Cancer scientist Matt Dun, of the University of Newcastle in Australia, just recently completed a three-year long research study showing a specific customized pressure of cannabis is damaging to particular kinds of cancer cells while remaining harmless to the human body’s own cells.

According to a press release from the University of Newcastle:

Lab tests carried out at the University of Newcastle and Hunter Medical Research Institute have actually revealed that a modified form of medicinal cannabis can eliminate or inhibit cancer cells without affecting normal cells, revealing its possible as a treatment instead of merely a relief medication.

The strain in concern, named Eve, was modified to consist of less than 1%of the expected amount of “THC,” the substance associated with the feeling of getting high on marijuana, while at the same time having an extremely high amount of CBD.

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Dun and their team dealt with the Australian Natural Therapies Group(ANTG) to develop the pressure and perform the necessary screening to determine its possible as a cancer intervention. According to Dun:

ANTG wanted me to evaluate it versus cancer, so we at first used leukaemia cells and were actually amazed by how sensitive they were. At the same time, the marijuana didn’t kill typical bone marrow cells, nor typical healthy neutrophils [white blood cells].

We then realised there was a cancer-selective mechanism included, and we’ve invested the previous number of years searching for the response.

The next actions will include testing the stress on other types of cancer cells and, ideally, convincing regulators around the globe to take cannabis testing seriously. Studies such as the one Dun conducted are difficult to hold in locations where cannabis is still considered a dangerous and controlled substance, such as the United States where stays classified as a schedule one compound together with heroin.

Quick take: We have actually long known cannabis is effective at treating numerous cancer signs, but this is a few of the first compelling proof that CBD can eliminate cancer cells. If this research study pans out, we could be looking at a potential intervention for some forms of cancer in a matter of decades.

Best of all, low-THC marijuana presents very little risk of side-effects compared to almost every other promising present or speculative intervention for cancer. This is interesting news.

However take it with a grain of salt. One three-year study isn’t adequate evidence to state the war versus cancer won.

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