Slip ‘N Slide is all sold out thanks to bored kids stuck at house

While the majority of businesses suffer through the pandemic, Wham-O is raking in the sales with Slip ‘N Slide. Even 3 months back, “the company delighted in 10 successive days in late April where sales doubled each day,” says TMZ

And it’s not just Slip ‘N Slide that is keeping Wham-O fat. Frisbee sales are up 500%, according to TMZ, and Boogie Boards are up 300%.

Wham-O’s classic toys, which likewise consist of Super Ball, the Hula hoop, and Hacky sack, are ideal for bored kids throughout long hot stay-at-home days, so it makes good sense that they were very first produced by, well, “bored kids on a hot day.” Here’s the Slip N Slide origin story, published by Andrea a couple of weeks back.

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