These Blade Collection sees look like something out of the coolest sci-fi

Back in the old days of the 20 th century, practicality was the greatest reason many people used a watch. If you didn’t have a clock face right on your wrist, how else would you understand the time?

Of course, in the age of mobile phones and even smartwatches, the time is offered essentially all over at any time at a glance. Watchmakers today have steered sharply into the other reason people have actually constantly worn watches– because they look cool as hell.

Fashion-forward watches are the mission statement for Zinvo, a high-end watch manufacturer devoted to crafting striking style pieces that instantly stand out. And each member of the Zinvo Blade collection reaches that lofty objective in true eye-catching style.

Zinvo Blade watches feature their unique dial style that integrates a spinning titanium disk that replaces the conventional 2nd hand.

Despite their difficult eye for style, Zinvo doesn’t cut corners on function either. Built with a 44 mm gunmetal stainless-steel case, resistant scratch proof sapphire crystal, water resistance to 330 feet and a real leather strap, the Blade watches are built to last.

These self winding wrist watches are created to gain power from the natural motions of the wrist, making winding unneeded. The mechanical movement core of the Blade is so reliable, it will even continue running and keeping best time for approximately 42 hours when it’s left fixed.

The Zinvo Blade household includes 4 different designs, starting with the Phantom.

What’s hotter than black on black as a design visual? Combining confidence and mindset with premium stainless steel, the Phantom is a full black guys’s watch with red accents that simply shrieks too cool for the room.

Among Zinvo’s very first Blade models, the Gunmetal still works due to the fact that of its timeless design that looks like you just crafted it in your factory. The rotating steel gunmetal blades likewise stand apart particularly noticeably against the black dialface.

Among the most popular members of the Blade collection, the Nitro incorporates electrical blue accents and a perforated leather strap that practically makes it appear like it’s surging with power.

The Outlaw is everything about the bronze. Cool bronze undertones provide this design a classically rugged, yet elegant appearance.

Today, these 4 members of the Zinvo Blade Collection are all on sale at $70 off their regular $289 cost, down to just $21999

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